Which artist from Europe most influences Ghanaian poetry?

Answer: William Shakespeare.

More detail:

Shakespeare was listed as an inspiration by twelve different OGOV poets, followed by John Donne and John Keats, with seven mentions each. Despite being born in the United States, T.S. Eliot is listed here because he chose to be naturalized as a British subject at age 39.

The top ten:

Most Influential European Artists

1. William Shakespeare (England), 12%
2. John Donne (England), 8%
2. John Keats (England), 8%
4. William Wordsworth (England), 6%
5. W.B. Yeats (Ireland), 6%
6. T.S. Eliot (England), 5%
6. John Milton (England), 5%
8. Rainer Maria Rilke (Austria), 4%
8. Lord Byron (England), 4%
8. Andrew Marvell (England), 4%


English poets who dominate Ghanaian text books dominate this list, too, the most notable exception being Rainer Maria Rilke. It's noteworthy, too, that this is the only list to feature no living artists.

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