Back In Full Swing

Dear OGOV Readers,
Hopefully, everything is worthy the wait here at One Ghana One Voice magazine.
We have set the ball rolling with Elikplim Akorli (also known as thegodofpoetry) as our Poet of the Month. Every week this month, we shall feature one of his poems as part as the Poems of the Month series. Please feel free to comment and contribute your ideas on this literary platform. 
Literary critic and poet, Kwabena Agyare Yeboah graciously allowed a reprint of his review of Mawuli Adzei's Testament of the Season at the Book Review section. I have my own corner on this website where I can chip in a word or two on how things are shaping out here at OGOV. It is the Editor's Desk. It is the place where you are most likely to grasp an idea of how a month's feature is going to shape up. I promise that I will be brief. 
We are still looking for interested poets and writers to contribute material for the Art and Craft section. If you have a 'trade skill or secret' as to how to flourish as a writer, please contact us with your articles and/or essays.  
For this month's feature, I was able to interview Elikplim on Whatsapp. That interview has been posted on OGOV's Youtube and Soundcloud channels. I enjoyed the interview thoroughly and hope you would as well.  
Thanks for your time.

Prince K. Mensah