One Ghana, One Voice was founded in 2007 by Julian Adomako-Gyimah and Rob Taylor. At the time, it was the first and only online magazine dedicated to Ghanaian poetry.

Intended to focus solely on Ghanaian poetry, the reality that many countries in Africa had no such portal led to the expansion of our mandate, with poets from Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, and many other countries featured over the years. We have also featured work by a great number of ex-patriot Ghanaian poets living around the world. In addition to poems, we have published essays, roundtable discussions and more. These special features can be viewed on our Features page.

Over the years, we have been thrilled to watch the Ghanaian, and African, online poetry world grow and diversify, in some cases out of connections first made on One Ghana, One Voice. We are no longer alone, but part of a rich array of websites and organizations devoted to championing poetry from and about Ghana. In 2012, Darko Antwi outlined a history of OGOV in an article for the Poetry Foundation Ghana website.

In March 2015, Rob Taylor stepped down as Editor in Chief of One Ghana, One Voice, replaced by poet, editor, and frequent OGOV contributor, Prince Mensah. Under Prince's leadership, we are now welcoming a new generation of Ghanaian poetry voices to the site. Please join us in doing so!

Our Original Mandate (2007)

Ghana has a long history of producing excellent poets (Kobena Eyi Acquah, Atukwei Okai, Kwesi Brew, etc. etc. etc.). These poets have in the past been supported by local magazines, such as Legon University's The Legacy, and international magazines like Black Orpheus. At this moment, however, little exists to support the next generation of Ghanaian poets and expose them to a broader audience of readers.

Likewise, Ghana itself is "underexposed" in contemporary literature, and the writings by many poets from around the world on Ghana, its people, culture and history, often goes unnoticed.

One Ghana, One Voice was founded in February 2007 by Rob Taylor and Julian Adomako-Gyimah as a small attempt to address both issues: to provide a venue to promote both Ghanaian poets and poetry on Ghana.

The format is simple. Every Saturday a new poet will be profiled with one of their poems posted alongside a personal biography.

Our hope is that, over time, a community can emerge through and amongst these writers, and that this site can serve as a place where diverse voices from different corners of the world can converge to create a collective image of a country.

One Poet, One Poem, One Ghana, One Voice.

If you would like to contribute to the magazine, please review our submission guidelines.

Thank you, and we hope you enjoy the site,

Rob Taylor and Julian Adomako-Gyimah
Co-founders, One Ghana, One Voice
February 23rd, 2007

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