Poems of the Month

Dreams by Elikplim Akorli   

I want to sing,
My voice however,
But with the harmonies.
I want to do poetry,
To keep doing poetry,
Yes, I mean to make love to them both,
To be that rhythm of supply,
The tip of orgasm that sparks through a soul,
That essence defined in verses
For bees to suck on for a turn on,
 Smelling fresh like new love makes nature hush with a dimple.
I just want to share my essence,
 To impregnate a generation,
 Sowing seeds of ideas for birth.
I want a safe delivery! 

Unbroken Desire by Elikplim Akorli  

With his raft,
Chasing after
A fleet of lust
On a turbulent sea,
Sado got drowned with a frown buried in his legs.

The wavy currents tossing and turning,
His body almost made it to shore
After the fishes had nibbled
On it wildly.

Found by fisher folks at sea,
A white flag is raised
For an exhume from the ocean’s belly,
A prayer said with schnapps,
The earth to be prepared by family for burial.

His smell lost; trapped by the ocean,
Only the sea knows its own fragrance.

Evanesce by Elikplim Akorli  

With the Sun up
Above my head
And the stars twinkling in my eyes
I'll sure have a date with the moon

Sipping on some rose wine
With a touch of purple gloves and a glow
I wink as ticks of events unfold;
Clouds dissolving into each other,
Of patterned gaits of a smile,
Revealing puzzles of unanswered questions.

Sipping on some rose wine
With a touch of purple gloves and a glow,
Events unfold, broken emotions;
Frozen, thawing for flow,
For seeps and meanders
Collected in rocks,
Drop! Drop! Drop!
All of nature coming to life
For a dance in colour,
Roots tasting vitality,
Broken barks fall off for a prick from the Sun

Prick! Prick! Prick!
Darting prick!
A shade of violet and a blue
Cloudiness gives way to clarity!

I look on to life,
With an amethyst glass in hand
Sipping on some rose wine
With a touch of purple gloves and a glow. 

The Clang by Elikplim Akorli 

The truth,
Like hammer
On an anvil,
Hear the clang!

The clang!
The clang!
The clang!

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