Which artist from the Americas most influences Ghanaian poetry?

Answer: Maya Angelou.

More detail:

Maya Angelou was listed as an inspiration by thirteen different OGOV poets, followed by Mutabaruka and Langston Hughes, with nine and eight mentions, respectively.

The top ten:

Most Influential Artists from the Americas

1. Maya Angelou (United States), 14%
2. Mutabaruka (Jamaica), 10%
3. Langston Hughes (United States), 9%
4. Robert Frost (United States), 6%
4. Pablo Neruda (Chile), 6%
6. Emily Dickinson (United States), 4%
6. Sylvia Plath (United States), 4%
6. Derek Walcott (San Lucia), 4%
6. William Carlos Williams (United States), 4%
10. Amiri Baraka (United States), 3%
10. E.E. Cummings (United States), 3%
10. Bob Marley (Jamaica), 3%
10. Ezra Pound (United States), 3%


Maya is back! The most influential female artist is also the most influential from the Americas.

Of all the "continental" lists, this one is by far the most diverse. It features the most female artists (3) and the most musicians (2). Four of the artists are living, while eight have died. Six are of African descent, while six are not.

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