Who influences Ghanaian poets more, men or women? By how much?

Answer: Men, by a wide margin.

More detail:

Of the 559 "votes" cast for different individual artists, 477 votes (85%) were cast for male artists, to 82 (15%) for female artists. To the best of our knowledge, no transgender artists were mentioned. When those numbers were weighted to eliminate outliers (artists who were only mentioned one time), the numbers shifted slightly, only further widening the gap.

The full results:

Gender Split for Influential Artists

Male: 477 mentions, or 85% of all mentions
Female: 82 mentions, or 15%

Gender Split for Influential Artists (Weighted)

Male: 90%
Female: 10%


Males are read more widely and more deeply, which isn't very surprising. What perhaps is surprising is the sheer size of the gap, with male artists receiving nine out of every ten mentions. Only two female African artists (both Ghanaian) were mentioned more than once, Efua Sutherland and Ama Ata Aidoo.

More Information:

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Darko Antwi said...

Here we go! So useful an info. It might change our ways for the better. Tomorrow by this time, I will buy a made-in-Ghana product. A product of female industry, I reckon. What about you?