A Tribute to a Great Leader - Ibraheem Karaye

Nice and amiable you were as a leader
With a caring heart as a loving father
To your kids with undying love to serve them forever.

On your desire to serve your country
You offered unselfish service efficiently
As a barangay captain with capability
To initiate development for the locality.

Empowered with a vision as a leader,
as an educator and young entrepreneur
You nurtured dreams for every brother
That you tried to behold with cheer power.

Life you have was truly short in its history
Yet it is truly filled with honor and glory
For you’ve made it useful and completely
In the service of mankind with humility.

Why God had taken you dear father
Is beyond my understanding and power
But I believed t’was part of your journey
Leaving great footprints as your legacy.

All that you have started for your country
The school you have nurtured passionately
With noble visions for the youth of today
Will be sustained by the your own family & the entire nation.

Nothing we can do for your untimely demise
Except to pray for your sins to be dismissed
That upon the Lord’s delight you’ll be alright
And eternally you’ll be embraced by the light.

Ibraheem Karaye is a Nigerian poet, and a student at Kano University of Science and Technology, Wudil.

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