Vos Venit Te Vidit Te Vicit (You Came, You Saw, You Conquered) - Prince Mensah

Journeys start and journeys end, dawn
is born in tears – gone is the son

Only saps can hear and not mourn –
men slowly die when they are born

Here we are, with spirits forlorn,
hearing you bid us to go on –

Now we sit, reflecting upon one
citadel of peace, one swan –

Even moon and stars have no plans
to smile – the winds refuse to dance

Vanity was not counted once
in your manner, truth was your stance

All menson play in remembrance –
your soul is free, no encumbrance

Now friends and enemies announce
their sorrows – we live and die once

Sir, you won hearts with the romance
of peace, you did enhance Ghana –

As you enter the pearly gates,
may God meet you at the altar –

Tell Him we still falter with faith
and, as always, truth we alter

Tell heaven we still crucify
saviors, dragging them in gutter

Ask for grace for Ghana, counter
what evil says in our matter –

May the hills be filled with your name,
may the wind, your desires, fulfill –

In our eyes, you were filled with strength
full of common sense, full of skills

Leader, we called but you are still –
why don’t you answer as tears spill?

Lion of our nation, the one
who meets hatred and distills it –

Saying goodbye drills our hearts so
good night, John Evans Atta Mills

Prince Mensah is a regular contributor and associate editor at One Ghana, One Voice.

If you have a poem in memory of President Mills, please send it to us at oneghanaonevoice(at)gmail(dot)com.


Your Pastor said...

I like the voice in this beautifully written poem. Good for the morning!!!

Your Pastor said...

Mr Prince Mensah, thank you for the audio version.

Unknown said...

Thank you, Mr. Arituo. Your poems are also classics. We appreciate your presence here at OGOV.