Jabulani - Rob Taylor

The grief you get
for every hitch and skip
you make, the way you flit
from strikers’ boots
and keepers’ clumsy mitts.

But Jabulani, your few
true moments, glory!
Gyan again, again!!

We hold our lead (and breath)
through every late-game
corner, praying only this:
one honest path tonight
from boot to Kingson’s rising fist.

Oh Jabulani,
the errors we’d forgive
for one last-second,
leaping, latex kiss!

"Jabulani" is part three of our impromptu tribute series to the Black Stars. Though the Black Stars' run is now over, we will keep posting new poems until July 9th. If you would like to contribute a tribute poem, send it to oneghanaonevoice(at)gmail.com.
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