The Black Stars of Africa - Dela Bobobee

In the midst of so much despair
where all hope seem to be lost
the human spirit seeks repair
from an inner recess, at all cost

in all African villages crowds grow
a lone Black Star hope awakening
as the crowd enjoys the soft glow
of the screen on that cool evening

the vuvuzela sounds like a bee hive
the Hope of Africa is being revived
in the Black Stars of Ghana to strive
but it is the Hope of Africa survived

Nkrumah’s Independence of Ghana
meaningless unless yolked with Africa
so the Hope of Africa musters to garner
hope from Ghana vs. America

one lone Black Star ate all their Stars
so Black Stars shine, black balloons fly
to greater heights to erase the scars
in the skies - the air lifts so sly

Aftermath victory, vuvuzelas so deafening
Kokorokoo! Africa must now unite as one
Nyame Okokoroko, thank you in defending
Gye Nyame! The Hope of Africa is as one.

"The Black Stars of Africa" is part two of our impromptu tribute series to the Black Stars. Though the Black Stars' run is now over, we will keep posting new poems until July 9th. If you would like to contribute a tribute poem, send it to oneghanaonevoice(at)

The photo is provided by Nana Kofi Acquah

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