Football Africana - Kodwo Brumpon

Like a rainbow streak
The fans fancifully dress
Fashioning a mosaic ambiance
That exemplifies ‘ke nako
And the stadiums fill

Like a tropical twister
The jabulani twirls and whizzes
Spinning a swell trajectory
That irritates the strikers
And the goalkeepers

Like a work of art
The players string passes and crosses
Showing off a brilliant drill
That finishes off as agooooal
And the elation erupts

Like a buzzing drone
The vuvuzelas blasts and booms
Blurring a symphonic euphoria
That drowns the chants
And the Mexican wave

"Football Africana" is part four of our impromptu tribute series to the Black Stars. Though the Black Stars' run is now over, we will keep posting new poems until July 9th. If you would like to contribute a tribute poem, send it to oneghanaonevoice(at)

The photo is provided by Nana Kofi Acquah

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