Dipo - Martin Elorm Dogbo

Weep not
African child
Smile not
As you partake initiation into adulthood.
The old ladies will have a wrong perception
through their tirade.
They will lay a guilt trip on you.
Take this egg.
Like the octogenarian with no teeth.
Tour this township
Like it is one of the tournament’s trophies won
With a bandana of clothes
Almost naked
The communities will see how matured you are.
The men will consider making you a spouse
The boys will have a good reason to lust.
Weep not
African child
Smile not
Womanhood has just arrived.


Foster Toppar said...

Long time bro. glad to hear from you. very educative poem. i enjoyed it.you have re-reminded me of my roots.

Julian said...

I love this piece. Keep it up bro

Koranteng said...

It struck me that one could use a photo such as this one to illustrate the quiet expectancy of the dipo ceremony. Lovely words, beautifully stated.