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Adjei Agyei-Baah is a 32-year old Ghanaian living in Ghana. He holds a MBAe in Strategic Management and Business Consulting from KNUST School of Business, Ghana. He is an adjunct lecturer University College of Management Stidies (UCOMS), Kumasi.

Some of Adjei's poems have been published on numerous websites, including his personal blog, He accidentally discovered his talent of writing when, while undertaking research work on children’s rhymes, he was asked by his supervisor create some poems of his own poems. Adjei is married and blessed with a baby boy.

Five Questions with Adjei Agyei-Baah:

1. What do you plan on doing on Mother’s Day to celebrate?

I intend to give my mother a special treat at the Golden Tulip Hotel in Kumasi. Last year’s Mothers Day had been horrible and heart-rending. TV 3 had chosen my entry as a winner in a contest for their Mother's Day 2009 program: "Mother with a Purpose". Because of this she was invited to be interviewed on the show. The sad part of the story was that she came home with no prize and no interview granted her; a reason I think was best known to the organizers of the event. So I want take this opportunity to make amends.

2. Will you show this poem to your mother? If you did, what do you think her reaction would be?

I will definitely do that, but I will have to translate it into our local dialect for her to appreciate it better. I think she will definitely laugh and give me the biggest hug that I could ever dream of and say in her mind: “Nutty boy, you always find a way of paying for stubbornness; I thank God for bringing you into my life”.

3. What's your message to all the Moms out there other than your own on their special day?

They are the blessed centers of the universe... without them everything else ceases to exist! No mother, no home, no woman, no comfort. They deserve and everlasting salute that must walk over a hoot and a boot.

4. You're crafting yourself into OGOV's "occasional poet". What upcoming holidays do you hope to write about next?

I intend to write on Ghana’s Independence Day and also Pan-African Day which are too far way, at least to give room for others to get published too.

5. Are there any new things happening in your writing life, or in your life in general, that you think our readers might be interested in?

I am currently editing and rewriting my old works to get published by Author House, US.

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