To My Mother (The Confession of a Stubborn Goat) - Adjei Agyei-Baah

Looking at your young days
Funny memories flash back
I would have loved to be there
And feast my eyes on thy youthful grace
An apple eve, daddy was not wrong
To have taken a humble bite
A black beauty of contours and design
Who could make the poet words fall out of line

But now taking a second look at your face
Tells a different story of worry
Has time become the thief of your former self?
No! I stubbornly did it
My rebellious acts called for screams
Causing veins to stand up in vain
A gaze at your forehead furrows
Tells a story of worry that knew no apology
But your forgiveness came
Even when not sought

Your fallen breast registers my sleeplessness
Your humbled frame registers my restlessness
So who then say Time did brush away your beauty?
I did!
Because I was glued to you better than he was
Take my humble praise
Sweet precious mama
“No mother no home”
“No woman no comfort”
You are a mother like no other
For you deserve an everlasting salute
That must walk over a hoot and a boot!
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