Life - Julian Adomako-Gyimah

My mother was born on the other side of the oceans
With such a pretty sheen she came into this world
A true goddess of beauty
My dad once visited the other side of the ocean
And went into the bosom of my mum
He didn’t leave till very early the next day
Then I was created as a result of this interaction of love
Which continually yearns in the heart of every man
I came into being and was given what is termed life
Do I and Don’t I
Do I really love the complications that this journey brings?
Life is often unfair to the righteous
And death makes it more complicated
I dread the death of a good man and every good companion
The unfairness of this life saddens my heart
I am an art of beauty in this life yet life's complications make me sad
Why must we love in life
When the knife of death poses as the biggest enemy?
My life and your life
The other lives on earth
An art of the magnificence of this universe
My heart saddens at the complication of this genre termed life
Do I want it as many more men fall victims to the unfairness of life?
Why give me this life, God?
Why make the righteous suffer in the midst of the wicked?
Tears run down my cheeks every time life’s complications come into mind
When will nature take away all the unfairness?
And when will nature take away death?
Life’s greatest enemy
My maternal grandpa is gone
My paternal grandma belongs to the other world
My hero Nkrumah has also passed on
Passed on to the world where the living do not exist
All confirmations of life’s injustices
We are all going to be victims of life’s injustices one day
Till the day when the universal sovereign stops this world
The world that lies in the hands of the wicked
And where the wicked ones rule and live
Whilst we all survive as we thrive to do his will
Life, what is your true meaning to mankind?
And when will your greatest enemy be conquered?
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