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Julian is an alum of Presby Boys Secondary School, Legon. He holds a B.A. in Business Studies at the Kensington College of Business, London, a Diploma in Journalism at the Writers Bureau College of Journalism, Manchester, UK, Executive Diplomas in Strategic Management and Management, a Diploma in Management Studies and an Executive MBA at the Huddersfield University, UK.

He has worked in several management positions in the UK and Africa and wants to see Africans do a lot more for themselves rather than relying on the IMF and other donor agencies by developing their human capital. He speaks three languages with a rudimentary knowledge of German and has traveled extensively around the globe spreading his poetry messages and helping out with business solutions.

Julian is also the proud author of two bestsellers, namely Smile Africa and Recall, which are both available on,,, and in major retail outlets around the globe.

Julian is a co-founder of One Ghana, One Voice.

Five Questions with Julian Adomako-Gyimah:

1. Your "message" is obviously for the whole world, not just Africa. Still, do you aim for it to have a particular resonance with African readers over others?

My message is surely for the whole world with particular interest to Africa where ignorance and hatred is causing wars all over the continent. Take a look at Iraq, Afghanistan and other troubled zones around the world. The wars are partly due to greed or one person or nation's quest for more control and power.

My message talks against child labour in Africa and Asia and also condemns nepotism and ethnocentrism, as we are all witnesses to the effect of these two deadly qualities in Rwanda and Burundi. There must certainly not be a repeat of these inhumane atrocities meted on mankind, regardless of their colour or creed. My message outlines by strong desire to see justice in the world because injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere, as Martin Luther King of Blessed Memory proclaimed.

My message is certainly to all mankind, but Africans and Asians in particular because for so long these continents have allowed imperialists to use nepotism, greed and wars to divide their front. My message is clear.

2. Likewise, is your message coming from an African voice, or an international / universal one?

My message is coming from a universal voice because it positively affects all mankind regardless of their geographical location.

3. Your writing style is very direct - you often state your points far more clearly and directly than most poets. Is this a natural style of yours or do you do it intentionally to serve a purpose? If so, what purpose?

I have the ability to change my style depending on the message I intend to carry across. "The Biggest Fool" was one of my indirect pieces as you must have noticed and in that poem, I got the reader thinking about what I wanted to carry across. In "My Message," I chose a more direct approach which doesn't keep the reader thinking but instead has them appreciating and going with the flow. I intentionally decided to go with the direct approach in this one to make the message as clear as possible even to the man who doesn't appreciate poetry and the complexities that it could come with. Agoo!

4. You often utilize animals as metaphors in your poems, such as "Birds are crying from afar" and "The deer never stops running" in your last profiled poem, "Crying Mama". What is it that draws you to animal metaphors?

I personally believe that mankind have a lot to learn from animals. We are higher animals who often indulge in the wrong things such as wars, when animals live in peace - maybe we can learn from them. I have been a big fan of Maya Angelou and maybe my use of such metaphors is as a result of her influence on my writing in recent times.

5. How is Zion Publishing coming along?

Zion Publishing has only receive a few manuscripts from writers so far. We are currently reviewing them for future publications, and looking for more submissions. The future is bright I must say.

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