My Message - Julian Adomako-Gyimah

This world is full of injustice
Injustice is all we hear and see
Despite the sea being just to all its inhabitants
Injustice engulfs us and beckons at our door each day

We are ignorant of the past
And yet pretend to walk into the future
How is it possible when we have no knowledge of the past?
My message to the world is for mankind to be conscious of the past

I am a man of the past living in the present to guide my people into the future
Certainly the message from where I belong
We have been in the wilderness for far too long
All because we rise up against injustice anytime it shows its head

We have been killed far too many times but we refuse to die
We have a message that needs to be told
To both the old and young
Ying and Yang

Hear my message and my loud cry
We refuse to settle for chauvinism
We refuse to settle for anything short of quality
Birds are crying from afar

The air blows the message my way
Arise and fight chauvinism
Arise and fight against maltreatment of women
Stand up and fight against wars in Africa and Asia

Stand up and kick against child labour
Arise and fight against imperialism and corruption
My message is so long
But time isn't on our side

As I need to hide my voice
Hide my voice because we're not safe
Tribal and political killings all around us
The ass is running for shelter and so are humans

Ants are even fighting for cover
My message is clear as the air
We detest all the wars and hatred around us
My message is long and must continue in your minds

As you picture all the violence we face in your mind's eye
I am for peace but when I talk, I am for war
Or maybe my voice pierces the heart of the heartless
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