Virgin Liberty - Nana Agyemang Ofosu

She loved me
when everything I had
was for taking
Coming, she winked
when I knew not her sort

My coast blooming
Her eyes running wide
I was blind
and her treachery eluded me
and I ran into her clasp and there
felt warmth never before experienced

The beginning of my misery
I gave my all
Days passed and I gradually got to know
I have loved wrong
Divorce I sought but it had to be bought
with flesh and blood

The many that fell in the chase of the spouse
An honour due them in my house
Sons and daughters of the home torn apart
Sins of the fathers,
the agonies of the now,
the reason why we bow

But where we stand is fresh
as the milk of a cow
fed on dark rooted beets
untapped, the bursting of the teats
Passers-by’s interest, the duping of the native,
But to save him is our prerogative.
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