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Kyere Ofori Reginald was born in 1987 in Kumasi, Ashanti Region. He has an elder sister and a younger brother, and recently completed Philips Secondary Commercial School in Kumasi. He lives at Abuakwa in Kumasi.

Five Questions with Reggie Kyere:

1. What inspired you to write this poem? Why did you choose the couplet form?

I wrote this poem for the December elections. Honestly, I didn't know what a couplet was until you asked. I can say the couplets just came out of me.

2. What was your reaction to the election, its results and how the country responded to it?

I thought it went well. Both parties accepted the results so I believe it was fair and the country responded to the results as mature and democratic people. There were a few disturbances, though.

3. In our last, impromptu, roundtable discussion, you asked the question "What makes good poetry and who decides it?" Did the conversation yield any answers for you? What did you take away from it?

I'll say I got lots of education from the discussion and would love it if such discussions keep coming up this year. Mutombo said something about taking time to write your poems and it really got to me. I now spend much more time on a poem than I would have.

4. It's become tradition, so we must ask: have you had any success finding fellow poets in Kumasi?

No luck! I'm hoping to find one through this medium.

5. Are you working on any new projects? Do any particular poems you're writing have you excited?

Yes! I write new poems everyday. I'm currently writing a new poem and have two others waiting to be written. I'm taking time to write them. I don't want them to be "bare."

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Julian said...

This is certainly a masterpiece and it is a true reflection of what society must be and the need to put aside racial and tribal sentiments. Well done brother and keep writing

Anonymous said...

can you please add pictures of Ghana to this site? poetic pictures, i mean. it will help the look.

edithfaalong said...

this is ofcourse a carefully written piece. i like the way Reggie makes tribal unity in Ghana seem so simple: thought its yet to be completely practical in our country. i like the play along romantic lines yes. and i thing its got good musical quality-like Atongo could make a hit song out of it.

OneGhanaOneVoice said...

Thank you for your suggestion, Anonymous - you read our minds!

As part of our redesign of the site for our 2nd birthday in March, we will be putting out a call for photo submissions soon.

Anonymous said...

Reggie, fine poem but is it 'I'm' or 'am'?----------- sometimes typos can take away the beauty of a poem-------------please spell-check----bee's knees