Announcement: Call for Favourite OGOV Poems from 2007

Which was your favourite poem featured on OGOV in 2007?

Please take a look through our archives and send your vote, along with a short message as to why the poem is your pick, to oneghanaonevoice(at), subject line: Favourite Poem 2007.

The deadline for votes is December 28th, 2007. Results will be posted the following day.


Anonymous said...

frankly--sad but true think this site is about 2 shit on its own credability--all those who stand naked revealing their inner feelings,frustrations,hopes and fears are winners--poem of the year--a jippo? its not a T.V..soap your promoting-- silver zorro

Anonymous said...

a jippo--its not a T.V.--soap show your runnin --Silver Zorro

Rob Taylor said...

Thanks, Zorro, for your comment.

I, too, have many concerns about competition in poetry - it's divisive nature and how it effects overall creativity.

That being said, this is not a competition in which one wins and the others are rejected (all of the "contestants" have already received their own weekly profile) - instead it is a chance to reflect on the past year of profiled poems and an opportunity for readers to discuss which poems reached them. I think such discussions are both important and positive contributions.

With a new poem coming up every week, it's easy for some to be missed by readers. Likewise, newer readers of the site will not be as familiar with our earlier content. This is an opportunity to bring some of those overlooked poems back to the fore.

To me, the benefits of reflection, discussion and the promotion of strong poems far outweigh the costs of a process that involves competition.

If others don't feel that way, please, let's discuss it here.

That being said, I've toned down the title of the vote a bit, in hopes that it will reduce the perceived "soap show" language.

Anonymous said...

glad 2 hear from you -I think it should be the poem that made me kneecaps tremble the most.Agree that reflection to the poet is like a slow moving camera lens---and the very foundation --of poetry.Otherwise-love a bit of a barney to keep the creative wagon --rollin over the plains of poetry.Silver Zorro.