Accra - Kathleen James

The sun penetrates through my skin
Consuming coldness and stress that is packed away in my luggage
Smiling faces welcome me as I meet extended relatives
I visit a beautiful beach
Scattered with violet sea weeds and
Pink sea shells
I trip over rocks with jagged edges while
Riding big waves
I partake in new experiences
Posing by Prampram's palm trees
Chilling at the Kente Shop
Pleasantly surprised by the sight of ackee
Taking a picture under a baobab tree
Sharing spoken words on a moonlit beach
Nourished by
Connections to the Caribbean lie in
Coconut water
Black stars
Red, gold and green
Truth, justice and freedom
Culture, pride, history
Tales of the "big six"
Evidence of independence mixed with
Remnants of colonialism
Bombarded by
Moral messages on vehicles
Ads for skin lightening creams
Low fades on little girls
Symbols of affluence –
Beautiful residences
Front lawns
Poverty is evident
Yet, I see no starving children
In one area, a church and a palace
Surrounded by a shanty town
Smell of sewage
Various economic systems exist –
Some do the 9 to 5 while
Hustlers Hustle
Bringing the grocery store to the roads
Babies strapped on the backs of
Kayayoos who carry heavy loads on their head
As the night falls
The city becomes alive with entertainment
Family and friends fellowship
The traffic decreases as those who toiled for a hard day's work go home to rest
Revealing that life can be both slow and swift
The fast pace and peace co-exist


Anonymous said...

the sights sounds smells--a vibrant piece--heart beat--hip sway-the inner eye aroused--total immersion--u got da gift---and what shall I call meself--silver Zorro--smile

edithfaalong said...

Truth, justice and freedom
Culture, pride, history---yet i see no starving children...
good work kathleen