Greedy Crows - Kyilleh Dominic Arituo

- after Darko Antwi's "Scarecrow"

They went to see
For themselves

There was no body
Only dry sticks
Wearing a white jellaba

There was no fear
It is gone
Like a nightmare

There was no farmer
No fear –

Only some gentle breeze
Moving a dress
To and fro
To and fro

Like a boy on a swing

Greedy crows –
They stole much seeds
During the sowing time

They are here again
To harvest the grains


Darko Antwi said...

I have been inactive in all spheres. After the breaks and roam-abouts, it's worth coming home to know that there are crows who scare, and, most revealing, there are crows who dare outwit.

Not only is 'Greedy Crows' a personal achievement, but a wonderful tribute that encourages collaborative poetry - like the exercise Prince Mensah has initiated on Facebook.

Albert Einstein must have gotten it right when he said: "Imagination is more important than knowledge" It looks so simple a makeover of the original, but a great deal of thinking must have gone into Arituo's title, despite the draw from his firsthand experience.

Welldone, Kyilleh. My respect and thanks to you & Dela who commented on mine.

Dominic Arituo said...
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Dominic Arituo said...

Thank you Senior Poet Darko,

Your poetry and comments at OGOV are helpful to both contributors and visiting members at the site. I am indebted to you! Without your ‘Scarecrow,’ ‘Greedy Crows’ would not have existed.

Once again, thank you!