In A Strange Land - Kyilleh Dominic Arituo

It all started with a quest for something not found in his land.
He started the journey with excitement.
He stepped into the first house, into a room
Where a boy and his girlfriend celebrated naked with Champagne.
He left them their privacy and went out admiring the environment.
He walked on and passed children playing at a borehole.
He passed women weaving kente at the market square
And a man selling smocks designed with adinkra symbols.
He passed a boy selling brown bread.
He passed weed smokers and realized how far he had gone.
He turned around to trace his path back to the house he had first welcomed
But new scenes sprang up before him.
There was nothing familiar and certainly no turning back.
When he first stared, it was a hamlet with hills and valleys
But as he strolled around, it was a vast impressive cosmopolitan town.
He was lost in a strange land and had become one of its dwellers
Who live desiring to someday find their way back home.

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