Announcement: Ghanaian Poetry Contest

We apologise for our recent hiatus. New poems are coming soon! Until then, poets, please look into this excellent competition offered by our friends at Poetry Foundation Ghana, and consider sending in a submission.


Poetry Foundation Ghana announces its inaugural (2013) GHANA POETRY PRIZE. This will be an award of Gh ₵ 2,000 (equivalent to US $ 1,000). This is built on the hugely successful 2012 Online Competition which was done under the name Ghana Poetry Awards.

The aim of this prize is to support younger emerging poets. The Prize is sponsored by Poetry Foundation Ghana and we hope to increase our Prize when we have enough funds from other sources. People with interest in poetry are invited to help in this direction and we will be grateful for your sponsorship.

This contest is open to anyone, anywhere in the world. The submission (MAXIMUM OF TWO (2) POEMS) must not be more than 30 lines long. Poems must be original and never previously submitted elsewhere. The contest is free to enter, and the deadline for submissions is June 30, 2013.

Please post your submissions to the address with the subject line "Poetry Prize".

Judges for this competiton will be released in due time. The shortlist will be announced in July, and the winners announced in September.

For more information Contact Poetry Foundation Ghana:


Telephone: +233 208 377 311 / +233 202 576 868 /+233 278 822 526 / +233 247 485 464


Philip Nsiah said...

Have you closed shop on poetry?

Rob Taylor said...


No - we're sorry for the extended hiatus. We'll be back with more poems soon!


Nana Agyemang Ofosu said...

Nsiah, Oneghana cannot close.

Philip Nsiah said...

I am comforted.