Tapestry - Darko Antwi

I have swallowed English
and choked myself with French

At daybreak yesterday
I started chewing Ewe,
and by sunset I was full

Tomorrow by this time,
I will try Dutch or Arabic
and eat myself to death.

Earth indeed is not my home
I have got to go into clay
like a proconsul africanus

Cut my tongue when I am gone
wrap it in a cloth of many colours
and give it to any courteous person who passes-by

When my people ask for my tongue,
give them my bones,
or tell a long Indian tale.


Unknown said...

Darko, you are in top form! The two poems in this feature, to me, are instant classics. Don't stop now, Onua. Get more classics on paper. I am in extreme hunger for your poems.

Unknown said...

'Tapestry' is a trapeze
between one's native tongue
and another tongue -
essential for wordsmiths,
important to seekers
of wisdom

we really do not know
this wide world
until we understand it
in another person's language

Unknown said...

i like this poem

Darko Antwi said...

In the 19th Century, many were those who vomited when they ate the 'genetically modified' language, Esperanto. Probably it was undercooked. Maybe it was over-spiced by L.L Zamenhof.

Also, when food is forced down one's throat (as deduced from Lawyer Mzinyathi's advocacy), there is a probability of spewing out few seconds after, or moments later. Now I understand that some repulsive reactions toward a particular language could be well-founded. For instance: the historical perspective of Mzinyathi's artistic voice verses the tradition of colonial languages on liberated African soil is splendid to the cause of grief.

Being at sympathy with the harsh plight of Zimbabwe, I still believe that the world has come a long way to reconcile with itself, to celebrate the common languages of interest, and yet campaign for the usage / cultural values of the marginalized indigenous languages.

Yes... yeah Jabulani, some day we must work on a joint project. It will be great. While I look forward to it, I will pause here and say welldone for the intelligent and matured way you presented your case. Thank you.

I also thank Prince and Asandoh for supporting my work. Your sound commentary have meant a lot to me.

Many thanks!

Unknown said...

our unity in our diversity. let us celebrate that! we need more tolerance of other people's world views. am happy to be associated with this democratic space - one ghana one voice