The day came like any other day - Emmanuel Ugokwe

The day came like any other day
In our mighty Gold Coast,
Our Atta Mills,
Was taken out from us,
We needed him back,
We never knew it was the last.
Like a candle in the wind,
He would soon be blown by the wind of death,
Oh God! You know this news,
That made me die inside,
I remember him,
I remember my President,
I felt completely lost and empty.
He was the glue that held our dear Ghana together.
Now we are empty,
Few things in life will ever affect you more deeply,
Death. Death of our President,
We will not stop crying,
We have to save ourselves to face tomorrow,
And wait you to come back to life again,
We have to.
We have to endure the intense pain of loss,
We have to face a future that will likely be quite different from what
we had expected.
Oh! You will not be here when we will elect others come December,
When I will graduate from school,
Not even on my convocation day.
Now these hopes have been shattered,
Leaving us saddened, frustrated, or even angry.
Let a day like this never come again.

Emmanuel Ogokwe is a Ghanaian poet.

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