Owuo - Nana Yeboaa

Agyea, agyea, agyea
Owuo aye yen ade
Owuo anto yen nkra
Ene yen na ye nea o

Obarima Mills
Odehye Mills
Mpo, nka kra yen e
Wafro owua atwedea agya yen ho
Ene yen na ye nea o

Obarima, onka na ako aba a beka no
Asumdwea hene,
Osum ba a, wo ni yen kanea
Mpo, nka bo yen koko

A great iroko tree has fallen
The earth shook
Here we stand
Wailing, mourning the passing of our Mills

Adea ato yen eni
Hena na obeye ama yen
Ye bro nsu patapata
Nso, nsu no afa yen

Death has called upon our land
Death did not tell us of his coming
Now here we are

The great kete and atumpam drums
Will sound your name
Your deeds will stand to test
Your name shall rest with our greats
Atta, you who were our father
Rest, for your work is done

Da yea

Nana Yeboaa is the pen name of Bernadette Poku. She is a Toronto-based Ghanaian poet, and a past contributor to One Ghana, One Voice.

If you have a poem in memory of President Mills, please send it to us at oneghanaonevoice(at)gmail(dot)com.

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