Mystic Musings on Mills - Victor H. K. Awayevoo

Prof Mills, media gibes pronounced you dead in South Africa.
Radio resurrected you to speak to Ghana.
State Sword and Bible swore you onto the Presidential carved Stool.

President Mills, you again died on Facebook with text messages.
You proclaimed yourself as yet alive.
You showed a few airport tarmac jogging skills after medical review abroad.

Maverick political prophets reflected on Atta mortuary man at 37.
President Atta Mills, you finally departed this realm at 37 Military Hospital.
Records of July 24, 2012 confirm Atta as a man in the mortuary at 37.

No smoke without fire is the general proclamation.
Prof, the search for evidence of your multiple deaths remains a mystery.
The possibility of an actual near death experience is a mathematical probability.

Near Death Experiences (NDE) is a field of Medical Research.
“Life after Life” by Raymond Moody establishes religious fervour characteristics.
Interested investigators are welcome for enlightened probes.

President Mills, private Castle Chapel services and daily Bible reflections showcased you.
Father for all and Asomdwehene earned you respect and insults.
Your Better Ghana agenda efforts were praised and denigrated.

Political plurality admits of spectrum wide tolerance with patient perseverance.
President Mills, you demonstrated this without blemish.
This earned you critics and admirers both within your governing party and opposition.

To get and communicate mystic insights is problematic.
Humanity ranges from neophytes of chelas to sagacious adepts.
Each class has its own language and belief systems to operate in.

Prof Mills, you chose to focus on Law as a tool for social engineering.
Others decided to ride Law as an ass to the goal of personal riches.
Wholesale adoration as the nation mourns you makes some proclaim you a saint.

The path of the Saints, Sages, Mystics and Masters is open to you and all.
Your presidential efforts in this direction constituted marvel novelty to some.
It may have seemed extreme but is normal in NDEs and mystic students.

President Mahama as your successor cannot be sanely expected to be exactly like you.
No media organization has proclaimed him dead and resurrected him yet.
As all are different we can only expect a leadership of unity in diversity.

In Honour,
In Memory,
Of you, Prof Mills.

Victor H. K. Awayevoo is a Ghanaian mathematician.

If you have a poem in memory of President Mills, please send it to us at oneghanaonevoice(at)gmail(dot)com.

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