Immortalised Legacies of Asomdwehene - Dela Bobobee

When dark shadows of an insatiate hawk
shrouded the sky of our hope at sunrise
and in one fell swoop scooped swiftly away
the mother hen, shaken our pillar of peace
we were like a brood of hapless chickens
suddenly scattered in all directions
stranded and badly stunned with grief

When death swung its wicked talons our way
it was so sudden, swift and painful for us all
forever we’ll mourn you, President Atta Mills
in grief the Ghana flag is lowered in half mast
the moon and the stars too lose their brilliance
for you stood out and sparkled like a million stars
amid the gloom that shroud our infamy as a continent

Left behind we wait in trust for the resuscitation
of exalted legacies you gave us in this short time

As a leader you were so humble and transparent
you saw yourself as a mere servant of the people
led to the river but you could not be forced to drink
for you did not see power as an end in itself
but as a means to a positive and just end for all
you were a wary driver, cautious to take rash risks
for you knew that too many cooks spoil the broth
darts of the tongue pierce more than a spear
but your skin was impervious to name calling
not to grind the nation to a halt; you avoided icebergs
and steered the wheel of state with astute patience
that’s why you will be forever known as a man of peace
a humble and dedicated leader who had many great plans
on how to reform the economy of Ghana for greater heights
you have the love and fear of God written all over you
you were never a pen robber like the others we know
so never used exalted locus to stockpile daft goods
for you knew that naked we come and naked we’ll go

Why did God allow death to snatch you away so untimely?
The same way He looked another way while Stephen was stoned?

Today our hearts may be saddled heavy with intense grief
but we have also decided to lift our faces up to God
for we know God alone holds the answers to life and death
so real answers and succor will surely come from Him
His Excellency, Evans Atta Mills, may you rest in peace!
Due! Due! Due! Asomdwehene! Due Amanehunu! Nyame mfa wo nsie!
Ghana mma wo nante yie, OGOV mma wo nante yie!!!

Your death may leave a heartache no one can heal
but your love leaves us a memory no one can steal.

Dela Bobobee is a regular contributor to One Ghana, One Voice.

If you have a poem in memory of President Mills, please send it to us at oneghanaonevoice(at)gmail(dot)com.
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