Cry Around Tables - Kodjo Deynoo

And there were the forefathers
How I remember them
All seated around tables,
The notion of a dream

Sankofa, this is our land to be built on
Heritage, this is our destiny
Dreams of a united continent

Colourful riches
Of this here land seen in
Reflections of what we wear,
This is our fabric

This is our clay
And ants build skyscrapers with it,
Birds leave architecture on acacia trees
That stand with majesty

Watch the cream of the sun
Shower the land with beauty,
At sunset stands
Paradise here on earth

And others will,
And do, envy
For just a fraction
What we have, we own

But our leaders
Heads went missing
Over the want of greed
Of selfish self-indulgence

And a notion in motion
Sometimes, too often,
Goes without directions
So I sit and cry around headless tables

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