Thunder Africana - Dextro

Kpra! Kpra!! Gboom!!!
Chichi! Chichi!! Gboom!!!

So piercing and intimidating
Enough to cause early abortion
Yet enough to instill the fear of God into flinstone hearts
It’s so fierce but comforting
It roars but purrs
The painful seed with milky harvest
That is Thunder Africana!
The ‘John the Baptist’
Who paves the way for the messiah
The praise-singer who introduces the celestial aquatic grains
The muscular voice that speaks
And the earth trembles.
Kpra! Kpra!! Gboom!!!
That’s your melodious ringtone
Intertwined with electrifying vibrations.
Boisterous and ponderous.
Carry on Thunder Africana!
Carry on!
Carry on and roll out your timorous dice
For without your gains
We’re without our rains.

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