From the Archives: "Crying Mama" by Julian Adomako-Gyimah

Mama is crying
She has been crying for such a long time
She has suffered from weight loss
She won't tell me the reason for her tears

But the whole world knows why
The sky is bright and right
Yet mama has no light
There is much water coming down from the mountain

Yet mama's valley is still dry
Her problems have been artificially created
She isn't even rated in her world
Everybody goes hunting

And comes back home with a deer
The deer never stops running
On the day that mama goes hunting
She thus comes home with nothing

She is a bird
Which has been left without a song
She tries to sing on a good day
But nobody hears her

Crying mama
Who will save mama?
Who will listen to mama's plight?
Everybody can hear her cry

But they end up giving her aid
My mama intensifies her cry
She wants trade and not aid
Mama cannot stop crying

She is drowning in tears and debt
And her children keep dying
Who will be mama's saviour?
Who will liberate her?

Mama's cry must stop
She needs to see the light
When the sky is bright
Crying mama won't stop

Old poems at OGOV don't die, but live on in our archives! Every once in a while we will dust one off for our newer readers to enjoy. "Crying Mama" was orginally published on OGOV on February 28th, 2009.

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Dhyan said...

i wander whether this one was originally written in English or another language?