The Seashore - Mariska Taylor-Darko

Sitting by the seashore when dusk was setting in
And the tide ebbing out
Was a peaceful moment for me.
The sand was damp between my toes.

I could still feel the warmth occasionally
When the wind stilled and all I could hear was
The water gently slapping the rocks besides me.

The sky was red, orange, blue and gray,
A combination that was wonderful to see.
The gulls flew low on their way home
And the boats had their sails down, gently sailing
In no particular hurry to get back, or so it seemed.

The thoughts I had then were peaceful ones.
I sat and absorbed the beauty around me.

The crabs and seaweed seemed intertwined and moved in unison,
One going sideways of its own free will
The other, having no will of its own,
Was rolled about with the rolling sea.

Every grain of sand told a story of one's life

The ups and downs,
The joy and sadness,
But it was the feel of the sand between my toes

That I would have loved to have as the feel
Of life in my hands,
Flowing gently with no obstacles
And just the breeze to slightly change
Its direction before landing and joining
The sand beneath my feet.

1 comment:

LS said...

Thanks Mariska,

you make me miss my home, and my local beachfront, which at one point in my life I secretly thought of as my personal property. Those sunsets are wonderful, and the cry of gulls stay with you forever.

I also now know we have something in common.

Truth & Virtue!