Cold Feet - Kwadwo Oteng Owusu

Bring back the sun oh gods

How I long to feel its heat
Its menacing gaze of warmth
that lightens my every burden
Its piercing and seeking eye
that overlooks in idle contempt.

Bring back that gift on my land

So my cold battered skin and soul
may bathe in its midday sweats
So these lungs of mine may rest
in the comfort of the golden rays
that adorn the land from dawn.

Bring back that eminence of smiles

And hear my humble plea of need
the cry of this prodigal son of yours
who seeks after the wisdom of men
who has hopped for hope and chance
and landed on cold feet with cold hands.


Darko Antwi said...

'Cold Feet' is incredibly well-written. It reminds me of a similar: Sesonal Affective Disorder Syndrome I suffered in my early years in Hertfordshire and London.

But I'm at the moment glad to reckon that; the records of those experiences form a section of my first book, under the subtitle: 'To the land of our birth', which enlists poems like 'Fireplace' and 'Umbilical Cord'

Kwadwo keep writing, and keep them safe for publication if you so wish. Have a good stay & study. Welldone.

Kwadwo Oteng Owusu said...

..I will definitely keep them for publication...thanks Senior Darko!!!

benjie said...

KUDOS,mama nature shines greater light on big but hidden talents within small unnoticed assignments.this feat arose from the hard work exhibited during your small unnoticed contributions and comments made at 'group' works.
I decree more of these articles and poem shall come your ways as you trek the fields and wander away on your cold bed.CONGRATULATIONS