The Victory of Okyeman - Prince Anin-Agyei

The season of indefinite dilemma,
Why are you wailing?
Should I choose between
The image and the shadow?
Hmm, Okyeman is still waiting
To choose between victory
And his twain brother, defeat,

Alright, Okyeman!
Give me back my bread
And take away my water,
No, give me back my water
And take away my air,
No, give me back my air
And take away my pride,

No, give me back my pride
And take away my life,
No, give me back my life
And take away my good name,
No, give me back my good name
And take away my nothing,

Ah, my bread is buttered with blood,
Whiles the air is still socked with tension,
Is that the Ashanti infantry approaching
Swiftly from the far west for bloodshed?
Can anyone seize the head
Of this nephew of Obiri Yeboah?

The head of this great King,
Osei Tutu is ours today,
Indeed, when crocodiles
Eat their own eggs,
What will they not do
To the flesh of a toad?
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