God's Great Gamble - Monarc

All is lottery, doesn't go more deep, got u buzzing but believe me, its just tawdry. Da laws seem to make it orderly, like some formula applies, making it alive, got u looking more keen. Soon u realise u don't recite, it's all extempore from da off, not even da laws, da forms can explore these concepts for sure. Not even da context, another form, a dress makes the load less, yes but soon, u cast your mind behind and find nothing that cuts it, it's all gamble, ya mind's candle can't handle da darkness.

U score a goal, da applause explodes but u know ya show is nothin, soon u get bored. Yes, da law was once a cause to be ensured, an 'of course'; now it's outlived itself, dismissal is what it implores, that is da call of that very law.

Maybe it's all my eye, but I surmise, this thought rides da floors of many, me besides.


Dela Bobobee said...

Excellent work!

Well done, Monarc, for adding a new facet to OGOV poetry showcasing. I like it very much.

Did I hear some critics saying, “Huh?”

Yes, ordinarily, for the uninitiated critic, this wonderful piece would have been mistaken for a jumbled junk of words emanating from a faulty word loading processor template. But interestingly, that is not the case. This is a typical example of prose poetry. Indeed, there are actually different types of poetry, and this is one of them. The earlier you relax and ogle to glean off the novelty the better.

The beauty of the poem lies in its point of view which is more of reflective and turning inward. Yes, I agree with some parts of the message of the poem but not all. This wonderful experience of life may not necessarily emanate from God’s Great Gamble, a lottery or a kind of fluke just because it looks kind of existentialist in nature. That sounds more like the “Big Bang” theory. But I agree with the view that, the magic of life can be likened to a paranormal phenomenon, just because that is the ignorance of science which tries to give a logical explanation to every supernatural expression it finds as a cul-de-sac.

I still believe there is order in the chaos of life. I guess the enigmatic nature of life makes it more magical and breathtakingly real.

“there is order in the void you dread
and life in the great beyond you fear
I traverse mazes you all fear to tread
a time traveller's invincibility is clear”

(From my own poem- “Time Traveller”)

Honestly, I have also mistakenly stumbled on prose poetry when I posted a poem "My Reparations" to an online poetry site that had a faulty loading template. It loaded my well thought out rhyming stanzas into a long stretch of prose work. I became infuriated and tried in vain to edit it to the perceived normal format but gave up the exercise out of frustration. Surprisingly, just a few moments later, I started receiving very glowing comments from readers praising my “wonderful prose poetry”. Ha? That was how I got initiated into prose poetry, by mistake. I have since got stuck, and appreciated it after I took the opportunity to research and found out that it was actually made popular with poets like Charles Baudelaire, Oscar Wilde and Robert Bly because it offered freedom from structure and form.

Isn’t it rather funny that Prose poetry does not use poetic meter, rhyme, line breaks or stanzas? But I guess the prose writer must always remember to retain some elements of the repetition, language and imagery of poetry.

Prose poetry however, is not the same thing as prose. It is very true that, unlike prose, the prose poem is not as concerned with plot or narrative

Thanks for sharing, Monarc, I hope we shall see more of such poems here.

Monarc said...

Yes, Dela, I'll do that and the philosophical take will continue. Even replying is an indication I intend to stay. Tired of the shadows, I stepped out with blogging, this is my next, hopefully, I'll be performing them soon.

Prince Mensah said...

'God's Great Gamble' is a daring poem. Daring in the sense that it breaks spelling rules and gets away with it. That's a smart use of poetic license. Also, in this age of text poetry, this poem is definitely appropriate.

'God's Great Gamble' reveals an experimental streak that Monarc employs in his writing. I love experimentalism and do applaud Monarc for that. We need more poets who create their own style and still make sense to the reader.

Prose poetry in itself is a rebellion against 'regular' poetry - it employs a 'method to the madness' technique that manages to maintain the reader's (or listener's) interest, even though it meanders through many curves and corners of thought.

My advice to Monarc is to find out what works best since the poetry world is still inhabited by purists and adventurers. You must use clarity and convergence as rules of thumb; it will assist you in whatever experiment you undertake with words.

Kudos on your remarkable poem!

Keep on writing.

Monarc said...

Thanks very much all. I did not think it would be received so well, for it is after all a very unusual one which I would say is unique. Thanks for the advice, and acclaim from award-winners is sure enough a motivation.