God's Great Gamble - Monarc

All is lottery, doesn't go more deep, got u buzzing but believe me, its just tawdry. Da laws seem to make it orderly, like some formula applies, making it alive, got u looking more keen. Soon u realise u don't recite, it's all extempore from da off, not even da laws, da forms can explore these concepts for sure. Not even da context, another form, a dress makes the load less, yes but soon, u cast your mind behind and find nothing that cuts it, it's all gamble, ya mind's candle can't handle da darkness.

U score a goal, da applause explodes but u know ya show is nothin, soon u get bored. Yes, da law was once a cause to be ensured, an 'of course'; now it's outlived itself, dismissal is what it implores, that is da call of that very law.

Maybe it's all my eye, but I surmise, this thought rides da floors of many, me besides.
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