The Brain Gain - Dela Bobobee

There is a certain new tempo of rhythm
when the old flare of the nomadic is dim
rustling through the thick undergrowth
gnawing at the hearts of African youth
wading through the oceans and high seas
so solemn beyond what the mortal eye sees
on every valley, molehill, and mountain
flowing raw from the prehistoric fountain
Nkoyeni’s cryptic urgent clarion home call
gaining momentum without a sigh of a lull.

Rushing homewards are the youth with gains
albeit the hurdles, untold gory joys of pains
multiplying what Africa lost in the bargains.

When the old lofty barns we now overflow
heighten, our paces home will never slow
then comes the seeping away of the brains
which has finally suffocated the old drains.

There is also another great trek of a new flock
whose genes are not part of Nkoyeni’s old fold
these new creeds now speckle the youths’ pluck
in old sojourns as new trophies returning bold
the other new races now migrate on their own
their returning instincts to Africa never disown

where nuclei human first sprouted life abroad
their climate the foolhardy greed had polluted
their panting thirst for cleaner air very broad
the power of forgiveness, revenge now uprooted
legendary African spirit to accommodate given
the pillage, rape, indignity, forgotten, forgiven.

And I see a new Africa and a new conscience
ascending from the pit of mediocrity to the zenith
sparkling with magnanimity and true patience
bold sages again to look calm with pride beneath

where the savannahs, rainforests swallow the drought
for the pride lands the rains many gains have brought.
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