A Celebration

Daniela Elza's poem "Savannah Rain, West Africa," which was originally published here at OGOV last year, and was selected by readers as one of our favourite poems of 2009, was recently also selected as a finalist for Sundress Publication's Best of the Net 2009! The full list of finalists is here.

We're incredibly happy for Daniela, and appreciative to her for considering OGOV as a home for her writing. We are equally grateful to all our other writers, including those whose poems we nominated for Best of the Net 2009 alongside Daniela's. We like to think of Daniela's win as a team effort: the strength of the other submitted poems and of the work we are publishing from week-to-week helped propel Daniela's poem into consideration. Here is a full list of the nominees that we submitted for Best of the Net 2009:

Dry Season in Eremon by Edith Faalong
Ananse’s Grave by Kae Sun
Savannah Rain, West Africa by Daniela Elza
The Train by Prince Mensah
Odomankoma’s Drummer by Kwadwo Kwarteng

If you haven't read these poems, or haven't read them in a while, they are well worth a look.

Every year, nominations for Best of the Net will be selected by the editors from amongst all our published poems from that given year. Do you think you might have written the next "Best of the Net" poem? Submit it to us today!

Congratulations, Daniela!

Note: Our normal weekly postings will resume this Saturday.


Prince Kwasi Mensah said...

Thank you for making us proud, Daniela

Dela Bobobee said...

I guess this really calls for a celebration. This also means that originality is truly another word for a masterpiece. More power to your elbows, Daniela.

Darko Antwi said...

Congratulations Daniela! You make poetry so lively.

Anonymous said...

Well I wish an excellent poem a likewise future--go get em.Silverzorro.

daniela elza said...

Thank you All,

It has been an honour to be part of the OGOV community.