africa day reflections - Jabulani Mzinyathi

behind it all
our unmistakeable resilience

the abundance of hope
for we are no pessimists

the reality plain to see
africa bleeding profusely

fires of discord fanned
the beneficiaries in glee

robbed of childhood
playing fields bereft of children

high on lsd, heroin, mandrax...
raping, robbing, killing with impunity

the hidden hand at it
propping unpopular regimes

the ever widening chasms
bickering over foreign ideas

africa bleeding profusely
somewhere they drink the blood

the prophets long said it
the richest place, home to the poorest race

in somalia, sudan, ethiopia
everywhere the bloody feuding

the scramble for blood diamonds
everywhere death and destruction

beneath all this desolation
the undying hope sprouting
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