The Path - Juanita Tsikata

As they search, my future runs.
What they want, I do not have
but things they need, our own blood.
Why, why, why?!

Never again shall I see the plain,
the wives, the kids, the birds you name.
The land is gone, our doom reforms.
Colour doesn't matter; their shameful blunder.

Our stories so long ago told
by the aging fathers of old.
The sound of the whip,
we never forgive.
We lived righteously in our created glory.

The sins of the whitewashed men
became our paths to nature's pen.
But of the scars we bare,
I gladly lay them down.

The house on water calls for the Ghanaian drum beat.
The Zulus retreat so the battle is lost,
yet there's light for the lost souls,
the ones who made us known,
our paths and the search for hope.


ImageNations said...

I like this Juanita. It is precise.

Darko Antwi said...


The quality of 'The Path' stands-out to define an enthusiastic poet who is sandwiched between the paradox of adolescence and literary enterprise.

As much as I recognise Juanita's youthfulness, her linguistic altitude confounds me to doubt a word in her profile that describes her as undeveloped. If the negative 'immature'(as found in her profile) is synonymous to 'juvenile', then it becomes quite a neutral adjective to her humble autobiography (in-progress).

While I bear in mind; Juanita's need for a mentor, her good command of verse suffice me to believe that: she has washed her hands well-enough to be feasting with graduate poets and supremos like Adjei, George, Julian, L.S, Mariska, Martin, Prince etc.

Young poet, you have more to learn. So keep learning as you write.

Prince Mensah said...

Juanita holds a promising future in poetry. Learn the art. Find your voice. Write like there is no tommorow and you will do great.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the comments posted--refreshing to see a fledgning poetess spead her wings.Futhermore wonderful to see one so young who is proud of her history and culture.So Juanita burn the midnight oil and keep it coming.---Silverzorro.