Snaps of Ghana by Van G. Garrett - a valentine's day poem: for africa

i loved you the first time i searched your mountains
and felt your deepest plains: breathtakingly beautiful
you satisfied and complimented my spirit
as i whispered and repeatedly shouted your name
in love-laced incantations which pulsated like drums
and crested like the ocean where i sat and enjoyed
how you spoke to me in refreshing breaths
lulling and fanning me under palms
which shaded my ashed-over feet burrowed in sands
warm and limitless like my love for you
and your wonderful and ever-growing family


LS said...

does any one know why they paint the lower trunks of the trees with quicklime paint? Apart from the the fact that you can collect the quicklime from the beaches?

It's not as if all of this prevents the erosion along the coastline, slowly killing the trees as you can see from the image.

Anonymous said...

Van G. Garrett's poetry is sensual and intimate.I can tell that he has read and studied poetry.I can't wait to read more of his love poetry.
Iam now a fan of the work of this talented writer.