Religion is Sick - Hilary Richard Sam

O Religion, you are very sick!
Filled to the brim with deceit and greed,
You lend yourself the umbilical cord
For the poor, the frustrated and the ailing.
Aren’t we all under the weather?

An invisible entrepreneur, you are.
In the howling storm, you offer relief,
Intangible products, displayed on your shelves
At prices that leave our pockets empty,
And yours full. It’s your little secret.

You are in bed with politicians!
The very virus causing our ailment?
Irony is a shaggy dog story.
No wonder your profits are not taxed.
A charity? The richest industry, I say.

You make more money in a day
Than weekly transactions on the stock market.
Through sermonization of prosperity
Your congregation question not your objectives
For fear of offending God.

You shout your goodness from the roof tops.
Materialism and consumerism has replaced your love;
You seek and ask for respect amongst men do.
Compassion has lost its place in your heart,
Dining and wining amidst the suffering of the feeble?

The old way of worship is no longer fitting,
'Tis the season when we enjoy the fruits
Of our fathers’ labour, your homily delivered.
Give, believe and you will receive;
Truth twisted to outfit a selfish generation.

O Religion! A miracle we implore for thee.
You no longer trod the long narrow road,
Because you are so fat, partially blind and lame.
Your celebrity status is costumed by arrogance,
You have found solace on earth.

O Religion, in your affliction, you forgot
The very canon you preached for centuries,
The miracles you demand from Onyankopon -
How sick you are, testing the Lord God?
Implore His mercy, and turn away from your sins.


Darko Antwi said...
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Darko Antwi said...

Sam, you should be published. You should praise God for this talent you possess in great measure.

It's very rare for beginners to write with such magnitute. Most of the poems i wrote in my first year were not even fit for kindergarten readers. Many established poets will confess similarly. Keep it up.

L S said...

Thanks Richard, you're doing well for an almost rookie, but I'll disagree with your taking religion to task.

Like every system,it is managed by human beings, and its imperfections are really our own.

Anonymous said...

many x it is not what u say that brings you's how u say it...religion might be jaundiced but it is the great adhesive of society...

Anonymous said...

Born a Calvinist I am a doubter by experience,however I do defend the the right of every man and woman in respect of their beliefs.
Religion as an institute may be tainted but faith is the soothing balsam for many faith being the individual interpretation of religion.
The Rock of Ages--frame of mind has many-fold given hope and comfort in times of despair.

Anonymous said...

Personally what s lacking in modern society is a spiritual reservoir to immerse oneself in---its all mammon these days.THE Calvinist----------Silverzorro.

kodwobrumpon said...

thanks for all your comments, in all it has inspired me to write a lot more. keep it coming in.

george said...

i duff my hat out to u.
i love this piece
its a classic