Anansesem - Emma Akuffo

When I was a child
a spider ruled the world.
We huddled around the coal pot at night
watching honey drip from grandma's lips
depicting magnificent tales
of a spider world far more enchanting than our own
where the crafty one born of a Wednesday has three sons
of disproportionate limbs, topsy turvy heads
and pot-bellied middles.

They made plans and cavorted with other shifty individuals
reflecting a world not unlike our own.

We held our breath
savouring the last morsel of
life's lessons learnt.
When I was a child
and a spider ruled the world.

"Anansesem" is part three of our four-part series of poems on Ananse stories. Previous installments can be found in our archives. Check back next week for the final installment.


Anonymous said...

a spider ruled the World---the age of innocence ?--well weaved---Emma---bees knees

Andy Aryeetey said...

Wow... simply wow...