Train to Ethiopia - Reggie Kyere

Excuse me ma'am, wanna catch me a train to Ethiopia.
Some dreadlocked fella said it's the land of no coloured swine,
but those who are black, honest and fine.

Wanna catch me a train to Ethiopia,
Heard on its street Malcolm, Kwame and others ply,
their eyes falling on new leaders acting sly.

Wanna catch me a train to Ethiopia.
There, I shall rest my black bones among my own breed,
for from where I came, men are blinded by evil and greed.


Anonymous said...

That's one sharp poem, Reggie! I like the rhythmic integrity and the rhyme structure. Please keep on writing. You're got the spark, man. Blaze a trail.

Julian said...

This is a wonderful piece of poetry and we all neede to strive to have Ethiopia in our hearts. keep on writing young soldier

Anonymous said...

you are the man Reggie. I think I'll agree with Prince for his comments, you are a fortune to Africa poetry just like Prince himself. keep it up buddy!