A Sack of Words - Emmanuel Sigauke

in this place

no one cares
to talk

something like
a sack
of words,

remembered only
when nothing else
is there
to forget.


Anonymous said...

In order to support each other's writing, why don't we pledge to post comments, critiques or essays on subjects that featured poets introduce each week? Let us make it lively. It is sad when people do not react. It does not speak well of our camaderie. A poem must spark a conversation. I pledge to that.

Rob Taylor said...

I agree entirely, Prince - that is always what I hoped the comment section could develop into.

Anonymous said...

Emmanuel's poem is exactly what is happening to the human condition. We overlook elephants in the room, wasting our time on finding ants. We ignore the sword of Damocles dangling on our heads, preferring to dabble in things that won't save us. Yes, we put our words in sacks, tucked away under the beds of our nonchalance. We think silence can always solve problems until the problems become the tsunami that ravages that very peace.
Emmanuel's poem is a call for expression, as poets and as a people. Enough with silence. Robert Nestor Marley said the same thing in different words:
"How long shall they kill our prophets while we stand aside and look..."
Emmanuel's final stanza is a subliminal expose of our staggering lack of priorities as a continent.
"Remember when
nothing else
is there
to forget"
People must always come first but our leaders choose to put politics ahead of that. I hope my fellow poets follow suit with their ideas on this poem. Precise and poignant poem, Emmanuel.