Biggest Fool - Julian-Adomako Gyimah

It is fat and ugly
It lies on a mat and craves for women
But it is nothing but a fool
It is a human, but it deserves to be categorized amongst lower animals
It is certainly not a higher mammal

It goes round and sounds a trumpet of hatred
Yet it isn't even fit to be called a pet
It swirls its ugly waist and propagates evil against mankind
It has no kind word for the progressive man
It tries to write but fails

It tries to do what is right but does wrong
The biggest fool in the world
A pool it calls a sea and the sea it calls a stream
The biggest fool without a tool
It has a makeshift tool for destruction

But only points it at the righteous one
It is scary and blurry
It wallops on walls during the day
And kicks virtual balls at night
It is thinking about its next victim

Alas, it is biting more than it can chew
It might sting like a bee and sing like a bird
But it is nothing but an imaginary reality
It is a son of the abyss and can hiss like a snake
Handle its venom with care

And let it kick the air
Stupidity personified
That is exactly what this beast signifies
The weakest link in the world
A pen without ink
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