The Black Dinosaur - Prince Yahaya aka TheLyvingStone

I am a black dinosaur who speaks of love
A young black man who bleeds
Through the liberty of a dove
I was discovered on a mountain leaf Alphajato by the wind
Hidden in the garden in a womb of an angel
My love is a struggle invented by the rectangle of dusty bones
As my eyes walk with the tongues of my heart's ocean
Waving flags of my freedom
I am the color red in the midst of a rainbow
Spinning truth in a muted voice of unspoken
Verses of the lung of a Negro
I am the pregnant, impregnated by the star called virgins
as a man. Do you smell a forest in my hand?
I am the faceless lion on top of Mount Zion
Charming god's three most beautiful senses
spitting heavenly fire
As they wonder what they desire of me
I am a vessel cut from the testicles of drunken devils
Hit by the sling shorts of ten billion cripples
But I still stand tall in the garden of knives flowing on
The wings of smoky vapors like the river snake wishful
I am a woven trigger thou shall not kill I'm not a killer
Oppressors of my kidney thou shall speak highly of me
I am the ejaculated sperm in your veins
Firing breast milk of wisdom in your garlic
I am that Negro
I am that Negro
My life is authored by Kilimanjaro
As I play chess in the skin of airflow
I am that lightening that flashes three times
That valued all that was nothing
my spirit takes flight to Venus
And blinds its keeper Osiris
My spirit is talking about freedom
My eyes state of mind did not create potato politicians
Not until you listen to Plato from the ceiling of the sky for his wisdom
Citizens of mars will not recognize criminalized leaders
I am reality
my reality went insane and I saw Nkrumah
He was blessing my forehead
With Mother Ghana
I am that Negro who lets the number zero define me
My bones have been crowned with the light of evil
That is my brother the eagle
So I take an hour in my past death and widen the circumference
And I escape this brain incubator
You see, politicians play our souls like instruments
And use our tongue beats as election elements
And their pealing souls melts into rodents
Now, black on black slavery plays upon my backbone like broken drums
I am the child who drums the 99 heavens with my backhands
I am the black dinosaur

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