New Year's Resolution - Prince Mensah

dreams half-baked, halved by edges
of circumstance, life reinterpreted
through constant surprises, disappointments,
appointments with truth and consequence -
now an old year, once new, ebbs with age,
algaed by experience, the new one
beckoning with promises and choices -
the mind once again is given a chance
to dream an elusive future as
the heart tries to rid itself of junk,
the accumulated unforgiven -
the new year's oath is to be free from encumbrance

we sway to unheard music playing
in sacred and secret parcels of the soul -
contentment cannot keep contents of will
still, we struggle with silenced thoughts
and war against tyrannies placed on us by others -
bloodied and burdened, we still persevere,
keeping list of goals from gaols of inaction -
again, we tell ourselves that we can be:
again, we rise after so many falls,
again and again, we resolve the will
to ready itself for the possibility
of triumph or trials, of endings and starts -

Prince Mensah is a Contributing Editor to One Ghana, One Voice.
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