Westgate - Julian Adomako-Gyimah

'This is a name that sends chills down my spine
A hazy Saturday morning it was
When the devil decided to strike Westgate Mall
It was a chilly morning
When we least expected to hear something bad
More than five men with some dressed as women entered via the car park exit
Another batch entered through the main entrance
They start shooting sporadically
They shot at anybody they saw without any guilt or mercy
Al-Shabaab they mentioned
That name hit me, linked to al Qaeda
Boom boom
I saw a known face that had been hit by a bullet
It was my mentor and my father
Prof. Kofi Awoonor had been hit
I felt heat all over my body
As a terrible event had befallen us when we least expected it
A harmless man has been hit by the devil
What is happening to me
Am I dreaming?
If yes then I need to wake up
It is all over the news
It must be real
I can never forgive these cowards
Who could kill a person as harmless as Prof
The world has lost a gem who has no germ in his persona
The clouds have gone dark
All birds refuse to sing
Snakes refuse to hiss
Cocks refuse to crow
The heavenly angels have all gone quiet
An immaculate being has fallen
Life is incomplete
Incomplete with the nurturing of the gem
The gem in the person of Prof Awoonor
Due Dada. Nantew yie
Hmm life is a crazy puzzle'

Julian Adomako-Gyimah is a co-founder of One Ghana, One Voice.

This poem is part of our series of poems in memory of Kofi Awoonor. You can learn more about Awoonor and the series
here. If you have a poem in memory of Kofi Awoonor, please send it to us at oneghanaonevoice(at)gmail(dot)com.

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